Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Victoria Secret representing for the HBCU

wtf? are you serious

its def official. Victoria secret now represents for the HBCU. not all but def some of the most popular ones. Howard, Hampton Institute, FAMU, Southern, and NC A & T. aint that some shit. after how many years FINALLY they give us something to wear. are they stupid? why didnt they hop on the HBCU train before. as woman we love VS in one way or another so really aint nothing new!

I THINK... i really and truly do think that Obama had something to do with it. I may be over thinking this but WATEVA MAN! we get a black president and all of a sudden you want to represent and give us an opportunity to show our school pride through your products? shut up. I suppose i wont complain tho. I love HU (the real HU) with all my heart and i'll rep it. so you can catch me @ Vickys for sure. ;)

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