Sunday, January 25, 2009

hmm... just maybe.

after this long @$$ weekend and some areas in my life being blown way out there, I've come to realize some things are just more important than others. maybe being the laid back person that i am can offend people but that's just me. when dealing with people in general its important to be yourself. not try to BE someone or something else. You are who you are and that's all you will be. I love that the people in my life understand me, my sass, the LOOKS and most of all my heart. my intentions are always good for anyone in my life.

these past couple of days have taught me a lot and has inspired some moderate changes. good ones though! I've been a little stuck in my ways when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex and that's because of what I've been through. so I'm not gonna jump the gun or get all mushy and shit cuz that ain't my style. for once tho... JUST THIS ONCE, I'm thinking a bit differently. although when this train of thought kicks in, I'm mostly always kicked right back into the DNSS realization that has taken over my life. life is too short to not try something new or give something even the least bit of the TINIEST chance. so maybe. just maybe. not all of THEM are the same. i can't totally call it right now but i'll just go with the flow. someone has me thinking that maybe one of THEM has me in their best interests and i like it.

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