Thursday, March 19, 2009

just a small hiatus

its been a while since my last blog. i always get on other people for not updating their blogs and there i go taking a century off right? lifes been a little stressful and some things have changed. along with those changes came a sense of who i am and how i can be towards others...

everyone is different and that's what makes us an amazing species. i def value individuality and try to embrace it. its hard when someone thinks that you are one way but you really dont mean to come across that way. for the record i cant help it. i am the way i am... the way that ive made people feel is out of my control and all i can do is keep that in mind when i'm around them. I'm perfectly normal ( in a sense). everyone has their flaws and bad habits... mines just may be my smart mouth. its all good and fun with me until someones feelings gets hurt tho. def not intentional ( well not until you get on my bad side).

so all and all, i'm in a good place right now. trying to make things happen and better myself and my relationships even if it means i have to turn on my filter and watch what i say. i can tone it down. it cant hurt to be nice for the sake of keeping good company around. :)