Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the dating games

these rules of dating today are somewhat difficult but anyways a mystery. I can't really call it. I dont understand why when I was younger things were a lot easier! Puppy Love... break up... you get over him in a week. EASY! so when you realize that you are feeling a guy what comes next? how do you not cross that line... or if you do how do you cross it with ease? it's hard to say i want to kick it with out actually saying it... or these days being the one to initate it.
the way i think of it now is Different Nigga ( excuse my choice of words), Same SHIT! in my book you dont become a nigga until you prove yourself to be one... not all females are mad black women! just when given the chance, all guys end up in the same bin... TRASH.

How are you going to celebrate your EVE???

So there are a couple HOT SPOTS open on this EVE.

Station 9

Club 24





Most places are not going to be doing a guestlist, so early arrival is strongly suggested!! You may want to only carry cash on you because you WILL be dropping big bucks if you do not purchase tickets in advance...
Other than that, have a fun and safe Eve! Bring in the New Year right with your loved ones. It's time for a fresh start and a clear mind.
See you in 2009.

Reasoning behind...

sometimes you just need to get your ideas out and talking just isn't suffient enough. I want to get my points across and see if someone can relate to me. between family, job, school, guys or whatever you have going on... someone is going through something pretty similar. so for your enjoyment and my fullfillment, here are my thoughts. blogged. :)