Thursday, December 8, 2011

This story is pretty fresh and is still unfolding as I type. I just wanted to take the time out to send positive thoughts and prayers out to the whole VT family and friends. It's holiday time, finals time and the end of the year which makes this a very sensitive time for everyone. I hope that everyone can stay strong and that justice is served for this unsightly crime. ♥

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year by far has been my most favorite EVER! What I'm thankful for this year is what I'm thankful for every year but I really & truly meant it. During prayer I was really trying to hold back my tears of joy (big sap I know). Life is precious man, something to not be taken for granted. you dont get it by default every day, its something that is given to you. Now if you dont believe in a higher power, thats your business. But my God, is a wonderful God who blesses me every single day. So for that itself, everyday that I get to open my eyes, I am thankful for.

This years Thanksgiving dinner was a little different than any other one I've had. Maybe because I'm older and I can talk to my parents about certain things, we relate more and they understand me more. Especially my dear mother. I think now more than ever I understand and respect her so much. We got back and fourth with each other, bicker and disagree but all and all, I KNOW she loves me and I love her. This year, I just wanted people to get to be around such wonderful person. My best friend/sister came to dinner which made me so happy, we were destined to be friends. I'm convinced, I don't know what I would do without her. Then there were 2 special guests, who will remain anonymous, that decided to join my family and I as well. At first i thought things might get awkward at some point but they didn't. We watched the game, prayed enjoyed the beginning of our meal until some more of my family arrived. I had no idea they were coming and was reminded on how blessed I really am
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful dinner, I really don't. Everyone got along, some people got grilled, some ppl were forced to eat by my mother, others finished a bottle basically by themselves (smh, ok ok it was me)! I couldnt wait for people to ask me how my Thanksgiving was so I could tell them it was wonderful, smile to myself, and think of how blessed I am.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

tell me what you think...

hey everyone.
I def said i was back like a couple months ago and then turns out, i haven't blogged since. GO ME right? To be totally honest, I'm still stick in the Blackberry world, if i was #teamiphone i could easily blog and post more pictures! In due time my friends.

Ive had some ideas stirring in my head for a while. I'm pretty good with my hand as in arts and crafts. I love making things and creating different looks, using different colors, patterns and textures. Detail is something to be appreciated because it is well thought out... With that being said, I'd like to start my own greeting card company.
I've done some research and i can go about this 1 or 2 ways... as a freelance artist or basically the full out entrepreneur. Freelance seems cool but I think a big part of that is photography. I'm not into photography. It's cool and i would love to take classes on it but not right now, that's not what I'm gearing towards. Now that's not all free lance is about... basically i would try to sell my designs to a company. Each company has different guidelines as to what they are looking for and how to submit your work. If they like it, then they buy from you, if not then good luck... no to the next.

My second option is my own damn business! Now this sounds great but success is not that easy! This isn't something that i can start today and be my own boss, living the life in a week. Who knows how long it will take for my line to get off the ground but I believe in my product. The upside in just doing freelance is that the only thing I would have to concern myself with are my designs. Everything else will be taken care of. Being my own boss requires me to wear many hats and in some instances I may not wear them all well... Marketing, Promotions, Distributors, Finances, Manufacturing, and administrative stuff.

I know what kind of card I would like to receive and what kind of card I want to be available for my customers. I can't count how many times I've gone into HallMark or Safeway to look for a card and couldn't find the right one! It really irritates me because their are so many occasions other than calender marked days that deserve cards as well as many other roles people play in life. Mother, Father, Daughter, Brother, Uncle, Niece just don't cut it. What about your best friends mother who has always been "LIKE A MOTHER" to you? How about that new person in your life? Lets try not to scare him/her away with a long, drawn out sentimental card for a birthday or JUST BECAUSE! Has anyone even took a second to maybe ask what the LGBT community would like to have available for them?
Other than different titles being available as well as different occasions, I would like to add my personal hand made touch to these card. I think that colors, textures and detail all play a significant part in sending a message. I know that there are e-cards available on the net but no one can replace a card that says just what you want it to say with just the right amount of love, creativity and skill put into it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

oh snap, she's back...

I'm back!
in the last couple of years i really did want to blog but i never got the chance. A LOT has happened. Lessons learned, hearts broken, friendships reconsidered... just to name a few. I cant catch you up on everything because if I did, it would be giving away the beginning of the book I want to start writing. So, I'll just reflect on the things that happened and give you my POV on it. When I tell you all you can relate, you all are going to R E L A T E! Life is CRAZY but you are DEF blessed. ALWAYS remember that even in your gloomiest of days my friends!
There is always someone going through something worse than you, count your blessings because God WILL NOT steer you wrong.
Ok, let me stop preaching.
My next entry will be about my birthday. THE loneliest one yet to date...

FYI, i dont even look like those pics anymore. time for a blog remodel... ASAP

- G