Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year by far has been my most favorite EVER! What I'm thankful for this year is what I'm thankful for every year but I really & truly meant it. During prayer I was really trying to hold back my tears of joy (big sap I know). Life is precious man, something to not be taken for granted. you dont get it by default every day, its something that is given to you. Now if you dont believe in a higher power, thats your business. But my God, is a wonderful God who blesses me every single day. So for that itself, everyday that I get to open my eyes, I am thankful for.

This years Thanksgiving dinner was a little different than any other one I've had. Maybe because I'm older and I can talk to my parents about certain things, we relate more and they understand me more. Especially my dear mother. I think now more than ever I understand and respect her so much. We got back and fourth with each other, bicker and disagree but all and all, I KNOW she loves me and I love her. This year, I just wanted people to get to be around such wonderful person. My best friend/sister came to dinner which made me so happy, we were destined to be friends. I'm convinced, I don't know what I would do without her. Then there were 2 special guests, who will remain anonymous, that decided to join my family and I as well. At first i thought things might get awkward at some point but they didn't. We watched the game, prayed enjoyed the beginning of our meal until some more of my family arrived. I had no idea they were coming and was reminded on how blessed I really am
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful dinner, I really don't. Everyone got along, some people got grilled, some ppl were forced to eat by my mother, others finished a bottle basically by themselves (smh, ok ok it was me)! I couldnt wait for people to ask me how my Thanksgiving was so I could tell them it was wonderful, smile to myself, and think of how blessed I am.

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