Friday, August 5, 2011

oh snap, she's back...

I'm back!
in the last couple of years i really did want to blog but i never got the chance. A LOT has happened. Lessons learned, hearts broken, friendships reconsidered... just to name a few. I cant catch you up on everything because if I did, it would be giving away the beginning of the book I want to start writing. So, I'll just reflect on the things that happened and give you my POV on it. When I tell you all you can relate, you all are going to R E L A T E! Life is CRAZY but you are DEF blessed. ALWAYS remember that even in your gloomiest of days my friends!
There is always someone going through something worse than you, count your blessings because God WILL NOT steer you wrong.
Ok, let me stop preaching.
My next entry will be about my birthday. THE loneliest one yet to date...

FYI, i dont even look like those pics anymore. time for a blog remodel... ASAP

- G

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  1. whaaaaa? she's back. glad to have you back.