Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 randoms

25 randoms things... i mean i feel like if i dont do it i'll just be tagged until i go insane...

  1. i love the color orange. i dont really wear it but if it's an option i'll get it

  2. i think that the blackberry is arguably the BEST phone ever made (not a fan of the storm but its aight). I mean email, text, web and BBM !

  3. I LOVE BBM!! ( if you dont know what it is, GET HIP)

  4. i'm a dog lover.

  5. hate seafood. can't eat it. dont want to eat it. i think crabs are stupid.
  6. i love to see what my funeral would be like if i passed away. would people cry? who would be happy? what would someone want to tell me now that i'm dead that they couldn't tell me when i was alive.
  7. i think kids are one of God's greatest gifts. i love being around them and teaching them . watching them grow, learn and develop life skills are so rewarding to me.

  8. i think i'm def blessed physically. i think some girls are ugly and some are aight. I'll admit if i think a female is pretty but yeah... thats just me

  9. i hate double standards and whoever made them up is chauvinistic fool.

  10. i order cheesy bread and plain wings from dominios ALL THE TIME!

  11. i hate my feet.

  12. i want to get a long weave one day. i just want to try it but i'm scared people will notice OR it wont feel like my real hair.

  13. i wish i was a phenomenal writer.

  14. i secretly wish that i could trade in my light brown eyes for a singing voice. if i could sing i wouldn't even talk anymore, i would sing EVERYTHING!

  15. i want a t.v show. the life of my friends and i are just too funny sometimes and sometimes it feels like the world is going to end but we'd be more relatable than THE HILLS and THE CITY put together. screw Baldwin Hills.

  16. i'm not the favorite in my family.

  17. i pray every night. sometimes i forget but i'm only human

  18. i WILL get an Audi one day

  19. i wish i could speak my nationalities languages, i feel like a failure sometimes because i can't really represent for my cultures.

  20. im great with my hands. i love making things... love art class, painting, scarp booking and flower arranging.

  21. when people pass away i feel bad because i want to ask someone who was close to them or who was there EXACTLY what happened. it's like i'm never satisfied with the answers they give.

  22. i want a six pack. :)

  23. i think no matter how a person looks everyone is most beautiful when they are smiling. I LOVE it.

  24. i hate getting my eyebrows done because they will be fine for like a month then the bitch has to mess them up. when you mess with my eyebrows it hurts my heart! LITERALLY

  25. i have a very sarcastic nature about me. i can't help it tho...

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