Saturday, February 21, 2009

on my scene

why? i'm the RULE and never the EXCEPTION. I understand. thats all I do is understand. thats where i think i failing.
by no means do i think that my like for someone will conquer all but it def make me think twice. i have things that i look for and things i require in a guy but to call it sooo early is ridiculous to me. i can't stand that im so understanding and let things slide because i really believe, trust and have feelings for that person.
so for every person that doesnt meet my criteria in my box i must cut them out... i couldn't possibly take them seriously or consider myself being with them. thats how it goes now a days... I think i'ma keep doing what i'm doing tho. results haven't always been great or rewarding but why change it now? i can tweek a couple things here and there but i give chances. make mistakes. learn from them. some people are stuck in their ways & refuse to even see what they might be doing wrong... or how they might be hurting the other person. i'm not perfect but i try. its one thing to call someone inconsiderate when they themselves are a great example.

i hate to think that i wasted my time. my smiles. laughs & gas on someone. i hate to think that my point of view on things just wasnt good enough. never understood. your POV... trash. what i'm writing is trash to some... but its how i feel. by no means is this a man bashing post... its only OPINION.
i like u. liked ... ehhh? cant even call it now.
you make time for people that you want to see. simple. i know i do & i can. not a problem.

sometimes relationships get ill. hints the song* luv the roots.

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