Friday, January 1, 2010


seems like all i do is work. my free time is so limited but i hate to plan things. I'm not much of a planner at all. I like to know the general diection of where my day will be spent... thats more than enough for me. i value my alone time a lot more now as well... some people dont understand that alone time is good! GREAT in fact!

i needed a job do badly and now that i have one, i feel like its killin my free time a little bit. i work straight weekends. catch be after 12am most nights... makes dating harder too. A FREE WEEKEND>>> more like a free tickets to invite some hunnies over. SMDH. guess this will weed out the sucky guys who think my work week is a free pass for the hunnies. i see why its so hard for police officers or firefighters to be in committed relationships. all this free time can make a person bored and curious. shit, my job has the abilty to make me curious everytime i clock in... shoot. LMBO but i gotta stay focused. make money and grab a drink after. sounds like a perfect night to me. hehe.

OH SNAP - i totally forgot Ciroc Red Berry is it and Coconut??? m u s t t r y a s a p

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