Thursday, April 23, 2009

turning over a new leaf

so i live by saying " learn from your mistakes"... but when you keep making the same ones over again and people just give you a slap on the hand, you aren't really learning much. I'm def guilty of that. Being the baby in the family kind of gives me some special right of passage to mess up and just be forgiven... or so i thought. Either way... I suppose i've run my passage into the ground and my customers aren't buying it anymore. I knew this day would come but i didnt know at what cost.
so i've managed to hurt people i love. I have the worlds biggest ego which is one of my many imperfections and its hard for me to apologize. I think it is even harder for people to realize that I am sincere and I do things on my own time. I dont react like everyone else does... i dont cry over spilled milk. I just keep to myself and think of the best way to clean it up and stop it from happening again.
so for the record... i'm truely sorry and will be more responsible with my choices. time to turn over a new leaf and do some DAMAGE! ( in a good way)

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